Google Removes Flash App From Android Market

Apple exerts famously tight-fisted control over what apps make it into its iTunes App Store. Now, one Android app developer has learned, Google can play that game, too.


You've got bad mail: Android needs a better e-mail app

News.Cnet : Given how many people do e-mail on their phones, shouldn't Android have a consistent, native app that rivals the iPhone?

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Angry Birds Crushes Facebook in App Downloads

Techie Insider: Angry Birds was the most downloaded app for smartphones and tablets in 2011 ahead of Facebook and Skype according to a new report by research firm Distimo.

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Android market Updated To 3.4.4 - Download Now

HackSlurp-"It looks as though there’s been an update to the Android Market, and the .apk file of version 3.4.4 has just landed in our lap. The first noticeable differences include speed enhancements and the addition of a setting that allows auto-adding of widgets to your home screen. Unfortunately, from a quick test, it doesn’t seem to add widgets — it adds app icons, which throws a bit of confusion into the mix. There’s possibly more to this update, but nothing I’ve managed to distinguish just yet. If anything else catches my attention, I’ll be sure to let you know."

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