iPad 2 on the Way, Digg Founder Spills

Social news aggregation pioneer Rose, who has his information "on good authority," says the second edition of Apple's tablet will boast back and front cameras, plus an even better display (initially he wrote of a retina display, but amended his post to add that another source said the display will have a higher dpi but won't technically be a retina display."

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redd0r4351d ago

Ah Apple, make billions selling 1 thing, then make billions more selling it again with a few cameras in it.

tawak4351d ago

still no flash..then no buy for me

toaster4351d ago

Xoom ;) Not that flash is really needed, HTML5 is much better and with Google at the front leading the HTML5 movement I'm surprised Flash is even considered on Android.

fatstarr4351d ago

there should be laws against this.

its like... wow shoulda came with those things by default

redd0r4350d ago

Same could be said for when the patch computer games, or update firmware on any other apple device. I think they should have a law saying you cannot release the next generation of a product without X amount more features.