Dish Network's Sling Receiver lives

Engadget: Originally shown at CES last year, the Sling Receiver promises to bring HD content from your Sling enabled Dish Network box to another TV in your home, as well as the rest of the DVR's UI.

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Dish Network to Accept Bitcoin Currency in Third Quarter of 2014

Maximum PC: Beginning in the third quarter of this year, Dish Network will accept Bitcoin currency for its pay-TV subscription service, the satellite TV service announced today. In doing so, Dish Network says it will become the largest company in the world to accept the popular virtual currency, though it's far from the only one -- you can buy anything from tacos to even Lamborghinis using Bitcoins.

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Dish and Sprint: Can they really deliver on a 'unicast' vision?

ZDnet - If successful, Dish and Sprint could untether businesses and homes with a treasure trove of wireless spectrum. The problem: The "if" in Dish and Sprint's potential success may be as tall as a wireless tower.


Judge rejects Fox injunction against Dish Network AutoHop DVR

From TechRadar: Dish Network's AutoHop DVR feature has dodged a preliminary injunction brought by the Fox Broadcasting Company, even though the judge sees its ad-skipping technology as "copyright infringement."

"The court denied Fox's request for a preliminary injunction," Fox told TechRadar.

"But we are gratified the court found the copies Dish makes for its AutoHop service constitute copyright infringement and breach the parties' contract."

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