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Dish Network Remote Access iPad app upgrade brings a new UI, more speed

Engadget - Sure, it's not as revolutionary as the new automated ad skipping built into its DVRs, but Dish Network has also just revamped its Remote Access iPad app. While other pay-TV providers are proud about streaming channels to mobile devices only within the home or shifting a few recordings, Dish's tight Sling integration still provides the most video wherever the user might be, as well as DVR management, a full guide and remote control.

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Colee13906d ago

I’ve had a look at the new UI of the Dish Remote Access app on my co-worker’s iPad, and it is noticeably smoother. We both work for Dish, but neither of us had heard that there would be an update to the app, or that the speed would be remarkably better. I think the app update has been overshadowed by the release of the Auto Hop feature on the Hopper. I’m one of many who have placed an order to have the Hopper installed, just so we can have the choice to skip commercials on PrimeTime Anytime recordings.