Engadget: Calibur11 Vault eyes-on, protecting your Xbox from tactical nukes and stuff

Engadget: Although it won't protect your console from a certain red ring, the Calibur11 Vault will fend off pretty much everything else. Calibur11 claim that the MLG approved plates that latch on to your Xbox 360 increase console airflow, while adding an integrated game interaction through the use of LED / USB lighting effects and the extravagant 3D extremities protruding from the sides of your console.

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Microsoft Ends Production of XBox 360, Online Servers to Remain Active

GeekDiscover: Microsoft has announced that the production of new XBox 360 will be stopped with immediate effect while the online servers will still remain active.

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BLow2875d ago

Oh, boy I can imagine how this thread will turn out. I'm kind of surprised by this news but then I'm not because....well....
Grabs popcorn.....

PhoenixUp2875d ago

Xbox 360 had a good run. I thought Wii would be globally discontinued before this happened.

2875d ago
hduce2875d ago (Edited 2875d ago )

It's sad to see it go but some good things must come to an end. I met a lot of good people who have become longtime friends on the Xbox 360.

Tzuno2875d ago

I hope they will not abandon the manufacturing of X360 controllers, i find them the best.


How To Play Your Music on Xbox One/360 for Free

Xboxed: "You don’t need to pay a single dime for the overpriced Xbox Music pass (Groove pass) anymore because you can listen to your personal playlist directly on the Xbox One or Xbox 360 for free."


Xbox Music Renamed To Groove Due To Confusion

Xbox Music has been renamed to Groove for the incoming Windows 10 Operating System

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