Asus PrimeSense camera: hands on with a Kinect rival

You can play games – "Electric Pig" was treated to a demo involving a green monster whirring swords matching your arms’ flailing. And the movements were closely in sync. People moving in front didn’t drop the connection, though calibration time definitely seemed longer than we’re used to with Kinect.

But the really exciting aspect of the Asus PrimeSense camera is the ability to pull up your own media with a wave of your arm. That’s right: not what’s available on Zune, Sky Player or, but your own pictures and videos on your own hard driven, easily Kinect’s most glaring omission. You can scroll through endless thumbnails of your piccies at speed, and because the connection is via wireless HDMI, crispy sharp movies at the wave of a hand should be no trouble either.

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Gondee4288d ago

No mass-market exposure like Kinetic. This will fail, and fail hard.