5 Things To Consider Before Buying A Netbook

MakeUseOf: For anyone with even a mild addiction to the online world, a netbook is an attractive bit of kit. The ability to surf the net anywhere with a wireless or 3G connection, using a real keyboard and operating system whilst retaining lightweight portability is… well, awesome.

However, there are a couple of things worth remembering if you’re considering dropping your hard earned cash on one of these go-anywhere mobile internet devices.

Here’s a thought-provoking list of questions to ask yourself before reaching for your wallet and buying a Netbook.

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IHS iSuppli: No More Netbooks Beyond 2015

Maximum PC: Say goodbye to the netbook as you know it. In a couple of years, netbooks will virtually disappear from the market place, becoming the first true casualty of the tablet era. Even today there really isn't much of a market for netbooks, a category that was at the height of its popularity just three short years ago. In 2010, it seemed like OEMs were lining our inboxes with new netbooks announcements on a daily basis.

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Intel still maintains Cedar Trail M netbook platform

Digitimes: While Asustek Computer and Acer will no longer launch netbooks in 2013, Intel will still maintain its Cedar Trail M platform primarily for use in its Classmate PCs, according to sources with Taiwan-based notebook supply chain makers.

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The Netbook Isn't Dead, It's Just Evolved

Maximum PC: Remember when netbooks were the hottest item in PC land? You could hardly go a week without being buried under an avalanche of new netbook announcements. My, how things have changed. Strictly speaking, the netbook category is no more. Asus is reportedly ending its Eee PC line, and Acer hasn't announced plans to launch any new netbook models. The same goes for MSI and all the other netbook players. So, what happened?

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