40° - How To Make Your Netbook Useful Again

Josh Philpott writes:
Netbooks have been around for a while now and though some of the new designs may seem like a viable alternative to the current tablets on the market, poor saps like myself that spent good cash on one of the earlier models find ourselves pondering what to do with it now? The earliest of these devices, usually sporting either XP or some horrible Frankenstein version of Linux are a waste of space in our current technological hierarchy. The problem with them is once you put on some software, a little music and maybe a film or two, suddenly the computer begins to grind to a halt and whine constantly about having no room for updates or caching. So sadly most of these devices end up in storage, given to partners/spouses (who don’t want them either) or just thrown away.

But wait! Before you toss it aside to gather dust with your mp3 player and that old CRT monitor you have, there may be hope for it yet, and that hope is Linux.

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