Disabled Woman Buys Kinect, Finds Out It Doesn’t Recognise Her

Susanna Martini is a woman with cerebral palsy, and as a result of this she is totally bound to her wheelchair. At Christmas, she got a Kinect for her Xbox 360, and then was disappointed to realise that it didn’t recognise her in her seated position.

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TheStee3750d ago

who buys a kinect for someone in a wheelchair?!!

TabbyBW3750d ago

Kind of what i was thinking, i mean Wii or Move don't require leg movements, thats just terrible!

EddyD3750d ago

Yea, both of those would make a lot more sense!

MmaFanQc3749d ago

Blind Man Buys A Car, Finds Out It Doesn’t See Shit When He Drive It

Killer63750d ago

Wow that is really terrible.

redd0r3750d ago

What an awful story. It's like getting a "fuck you" for xmas.

EddyD3750d ago

Terrible situation and all but that had me laughing.

Techsmith3750d ago

Maybe Microsoft will improve on technology to accommodate disabled people, would be nice of them.

EddyD3750d ago

Agreed, but i'm not really sure if Kinect could be changed sufficiently for that. As was mentioned, Wii or Move seem like far better alternatives for the disabled.

TabbyBW3750d ago

I feel guilty cause i laughed, lol.

shinrock3750d ago

shoot the person who gave her a kinect 4 xmas.

iliimaster3750d ago

horrible buy but i mean the point of the story is kinnect has crazy limitations that they are not marketing they are letting people buy it with commercials of people sitting down having the time of their lives.//. sucks for the person but the xbox and ps3 aree aaaaaaamazing

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