Microsoft: Bing has 90 million users, nearly 50% growth since launch

Microsoft is saying that its Bing search engine now has more than 90 million users and has grown by nearly 50% since its launch a year and a half ago.

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AwesomeJizz4876d ago

=] I'm glad to be part of those 90 million users.


How to sign up for Bing's new AI-powered search engine

The update uses OpenAI's language model to make search more conversational and easier to use.

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jackhilder436d ago

I really glad to find article on "". The information will really help user to increase their knoeledge. Keep it up.


Bing Serves Malware When You Search for Chrome

Search attempts to download Google chrome using Edge result in getting directed towards a malicious search result. Bing Ad policies to blame

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SunnyZ2005d ago

Serves you right for using IE/edge/bing


Microsoft tries to take on Google Lens with Bing’s new Visual Search

Microsoft has set their sights on Google, with the release of a new Visual Search capability within the Bing app. This will give the app similar functionality to Google Lens, where it can identify objects in photos and give relevant information about them.

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