CyberPower Adds Fermi GTX 570 GPU To Custom PCs

Hothardware - A new GPU? You know what that means: new custom PCs! CyberPower PC has been quick to jump at the chance to install NVIDIA's new Fermi GTX 570 GPU into their newest gaming desktops. If you had been waiting to pick up a new rig for Christmas, the time looks about right, particularly if you're blown away with the 570's performance.

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Amazon Slashes Up To 26% Off On CyberPower UPS & Surge Protectors

Daily Video Game writes: "Amazon is featuring a handful of CyberPower UPS and surge protectors on sale with discounts of up to 26% off right now as part of its deal of the day."

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NVIDIA's RTX laptops May Be Cheaper Than We Thought

Prices for RTX laptops aren't as costly as we thought. Cyberpower's Tracer III comes with a 2070 at a very reasonable price.

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battletrax1865d ago

$1,800 is affordable? No thank you.


CyberPowerPC, Oculus and AMD Deliver Rift Bundle with $499 VR-Ready Gaming PC

The entire bundle will set you back $1,099.98.

kevco332595d ago

It's great that the technology continues to get cheaper and cheaper at a pace