The 6 best gaming computers under $1000

GameSkinny: If you're going to buy a PC that costs more than double that of a PS4/XBox One, it better be worth it. Here are the six best gaming computers under $1000.

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DragoonsScaleLegends1784d ago

I got a Intel Core i3-4160, AMD Radeon R7 260x, 8GB Ram, 500GB HDD, Generic Motherboard, and a Generic Case for around $600. Now while I can max out PS3/X360 gen games and run them at 60fps which looks better than most of my PS4 games almost all of the new games on PS4/XB1 I can't run except on low settings and they look worse than the last gen games I was maxing out. So I smell a conspiracy when it comes to new games. Next time I'm going to make sure to get a Core i5 and Nvida GPU because AMD's Catalyst Control Center sucks a lot and the Core i3 is just barely not strong enough to give me good smooth emulation in PCSX2.

Stringerbell1783d ago (Edited 1783d ago )

Well its no surprise that devs are giving us underwhelming ports this almost always means the games are going to be CPU intensive which explains your drop in performance. So it isnt much of a conspiracy as much as it is devs giving us the middle finger.

I just got a new latop my GPU is mid range (950m) its perfect for my needs, whereas my CPU is an i7 4720 and thats a beast imo. I'll give you an example Gran Turismo 4 - 3x native runs at a constant 60fps. I was honestly blown away as I know this is one of if not the most intensive game for the emulator to run.

Long story short upgrade your CPU because it doesn't look like devs are gonna change their ways any time soon...