Samsung Nexus S vs HTC Nexus One

Pocket-Lint - Samsung has just announced the very first Android 2.3 Gingerbread phone, with the launch of its Nexus S. The new smartphone will be out in time for Christmas at the Carphone Warehouse and is Google's second branded handset after HTC developed the Nexus One for the search giant earlier this year. But if you've already got a Nexus One, should you be jealous? And is it worth upgrading? We take an in-depth look at the specs to see if Samsung can live up to the standards set by the Nexus name.

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The History of Nexus Smartphones

Back in the end of 2009, the rumors were all about Google getting into the phone business. Previously Google offered what were called Android Developer Phones, starting with the HTC G1- the beginning of the Android Era. Then came the Original Nexus series starting with the Nexus One- introduced at the beginning of 2010. Nexus Devices are considered as Google's flagship Android products. The history of Android is directly linked with the Nexus series. Each Nexus device was introduced to showcase latest versions of Android. It shows the evolution of Android over the years and how the hardware Android runs on has changed and improved.Also they are the first Android devices to receive updates to the operating system. Let's see the Nexus Smartphone series- starting with the Nexus One to the newly announced Nexus 6.

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TechImperia3524d ago

I know people would disagree but "Nexus 5" has been the best nexus so far in terms of price vs performance ratio.

Devil-X3524d ago

Good reminder that nexus phones weren't always equally cheap as the nexus 4 and nexus 5, so nexus 6 pricing is still pretty much in line with today's flagships such as Xperia Z3 or HTC M8.


The next Nexus phone is...

Pocket-Lint: Google Nexus season is upon us. From October to January each year since Android began, Google has brought forth a one true mobile phone featuring Android, the whole Android and nothing but the Android, with no manufacturer-installed custom user interface on top.

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Got a GSM Nexus S and some flash skills? Get your Jelly Bean today

Engadget - While many Nexus S owners are still hanging on for their bit of tooth-rot, folks in other places have already started receiving OTA Jelly Bean updates. If you can't wait, and if you own a GSM Nexus S (either I9020T or I9023), then you can find the full and official ROM file linked up at the XDA thread below.

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