How To Install Ice Cream Sandwich on Google Nexus S

AppSplit: "So, according to the list of Samsung devices to receive ICS, Google Nexus S will receive the update as well and you don’t have to root the device. But if you are completely impatient [like me!] then today I am going to teach you to install Ice Cream Sandwich on your Nexus S [Rooted obviously!]"

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dilawer4466d ago

cause this world is crazy and 2012 will bring an end to the world. Sp, enjoy the Ice Cream Sandwich before the Armageddon. xD

Crazay4465d ago (Edited 4465d ago )

I'd wait for the official release too but ....I don't have to. My Nexus has ICS on it and it's pretty effin sweet I must admit.

Now if only I can get used to typing on a touch screen. I am brutal.

Speed-Racer4465d ago

Typing is difficult?

Yea I'd wait for OTA because it means not having to re-install the OS from fresh ever time it needs upgrading or having to wait much longer for rooted versions of updates.

Crazay4465d ago (Edited 4465d ago )

As an Ex-BB user I'm used to feeling the letters, but, typing isn't necessarily difficult - I'm just not very good at it. I used to be able to type full messages on my BB without looking at the screen/keyboard. The autocorrect is quite good though as is the predictive text which comes up just above the area you're typing in and then you can just click the word as it comes up.

dilawer4465d ago

I find the on-screen keyboard pretty difficult sometimes as well. You never get the feeling while typing on a touch phone, and you have no idea what are you typing while on a physical keyboard you know what you are touching without even looking but still Touchscreens Rock! :D

appsplit4464d ago

I use an iPhone and BB, I have to say the BB keyboard and typing is so much better than iPhone. I can write lengthy emails no problem on the BB, on the iPhone I try to keep them as short as possible.

appsplit4464d ago

why not learn something from Apple and keep things simple? Android just seems to be way too complicated when it comes to devices and upgrades.


The History of Nexus Smartphones

Back in the end of 2009, the rumors were all about Google getting into the phone business. Previously Google offered what were called Android Developer Phones, starting with the HTC G1- the beginning of the Android Era. Then came the Original Nexus series starting with the Nexus One- introduced at the beginning of 2010. Nexus Devices are considered as Google's flagship Android products. The history of Android is directly linked with the Nexus series. Each Nexus device was introduced to showcase latest versions of Android. It shows the evolution of Android over the years and how the hardware Android runs on has changed and improved.Also they are the first Android devices to receive updates to the operating system. Let's see the Nexus Smartphone series- starting with the Nexus One to the newly announced Nexus 6.

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TechImperia3423d ago

I know people would disagree but "Nexus 5" has been the best nexus so far in terms of price vs performance ratio.

Devil-X3423d ago

Good reminder that nexus phones weren't always equally cheap as the nexus 4 and nexus 5, so nexus 6 pricing is still pretty much in line with today's flagships such as Xperia Z3 or HTC M8.


Datawind launches Pocketsurfer3G5,5 & 5X Dual SIM smartphones starting 3,499

My Tech Update - Datawind which is well known for it’s affordable tablet "Akash" has entered the Indian smartphone market with the launch of it’s 3 Dual-SIM phablets. All the three phablets start with a name Pocketsurfer and their prices start at Rs. 3,499. These smartphones are equipped with Datawind’s patented mobile internet technology which helps webpages load faster even on the 2G networks.

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Majority of Android Users Still Stuck on Gingerbread or Older Builds

Maximum PC: Still waiting on your device maker and wireless carrier to dish up Jelly Bean to replace Ice Cream Sandwich on your mobile phone? Hey, it could be worse. You could be stuck on Android 2.3.x (Gingerbread) where 44.1 percent of all Android users reside, or on an even older build (Froyo, Elcair, or Donut), which collectively account another 9.6 percent of the Android camp. Add them together you have nearly 54 percent of the Android userbase rocking a dated version of their OS.

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