Hitachi develops tech required to build 24TB HDDs

At a materials research conference starting next week, Hitachi is expected to reveal what could be the next major breakthrough in the world of mechanical storage.

The research team - which has been working in collaboration with Japan's New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organisation (NEDO) - makes use of the self-arranging properties of certain polymers. As a result, they have successfully developed an ultra-high density patterning technology that allows accurate magnetic structures to be formed at a scale of less than 10nm.

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TheColbertinator3813d ago

What in the world would anyone need 24tb for.Not even all the worlds music,anime,movies,apps and porn combined wouldn't fill that.

Scratch that,there is there is definitely enough porn

GodsHand3813d ago

Nice, now make that a 2.5" form factor, and keep the price reasonable. I would hate to see how long it wold take to format the thing, or even defrag.

2.5" = 8TB
3.5" = 24TB

I want to see the 24TB capacity on the 2.5".

michass83813d ago

we need more and more storage... sizes of movies, pictures, music, software, etc, getting bigger because of quality progress... better to have one massive storage device, than bunch of them connected together... but in the same time if it will break... try to imagine the data lost...