Samsung: Galaxy Tab to hit one million sales 'this year'

TechRadar: Samsung has revealed that the Samsung Galaxy Tab is likely to make 1 million sales in 2010 – a figure which was reached by the Apple iPad in just one month.

Samsung seems to be pleased with how its tablet device is doing in the market, though, with JK Shin, the head of the company's mobile division, revealing that despite some delays the device was on track with expectations.

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michass83847d ago

I think there might be 1 million and one :D

michass83847d ago

Samsung will never make the same sales as apple. but still it is a nice piece of gadget :D

doctorstrange3846d ago

Apple will definitely dominate them sales wise, but its great to have an alternative

michass83846d ago

there will be more that kind of devices on the market, in the near future, after the apple's Ipad success.