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Steve Jobs: iTunes 10 Icon Does Not ‘Suck’

Wired: While winding down from Wednesday’s iPod announcements, Apple CEO Steve Jobs appears to have taken some time to respond to an e-mail criticizing the new look of the iTunes icon.

RememberThe3574975d ago

That logo sucks.

But I don't like iTunes altogether so I'm bias.


How to Make Your iTunes Beautiful shows you how to transform iTunes into something beautiful on both Windows and Mac.

thinking4744d ago

iTunes is already biutiful ;]

duplissi4744d ago

click the start orb, search for "add or remove" open add or remove programs, uninstall itunes!


KingLizzle4744d ago

Not really an option for people who rely on iTunes for managing their iDevices (at least not without buying third party software).

duplissi4744d ago

yeah, i know i remember having to deal with itunes when i had my ipod touch.. itunes was almost the sole reason i sold it.

i wish i hadnt now cause my phone isnt nearly as reliable (battery life) as an mp3 player as my itouch was.


iTunes 10.2.2 is now available for Windows and Mac

Apple has today released iTunes 10.2.2 which brings important bug fixes, as well as performance and stability improvements.


iTunes 10.1 update goes live

If you wait for a software update long enough it will eventually turns up, that’s normally the rule of thumb with Apple software updates, and thankfully it's the case with its latest update iTunes 10.1.

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