MMGN: iTunes 10 & Ping Impressions

MMGN: iTunes 10 arrived earlier this week with quite a few changes to the popular interface. If you’re not a fan of change, rest assured that usability and the general layout can be reverted back to something similar to the iTunes 9 style with a little bit of tinkering.

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CatGlue2965d ago

iTunes 10 is quite a revolutionary change, Ping will definitely be the next facebook.

TheGameFoxJTV2965d ago

It will start to die in about a year and a half.

fatstarr2964d ago

I dont use itunes so i dont care.
ping will not be the next facebook. facebook is technically open to everyone
seems like to use this ping thing one would have to use itunes. which cuts its userbase and reach in half.

Jeannius2965d ago

To be honest, I wish Itunes wouldn't be updated so much with changes that are purely cosmetic. As long as it's functional, I'm happy with it. Every few months Itunes tells me to update it which is annoying and interruptive. I'd rather a music/media program take up as little resources as possible, not try and be the next browser. If I wasn't forced to use Itunes because of my Ipod, I would use another music program.

TheDarkGuyv3r2965d ago

Not really a fan of iTunes in general but I don't mind this version.

Pilkingbod2965d ago

"iTunes just got a facelift" is pretty much the first and only impression I had.

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