Apple TV - What It Means For Australian Consumers

MMGN: The Apple TV has been a love meets hate affair since the initial release in 2007; users complained that it lacked format support, external storage solutions, or access to popular services such as Netflix. Last night at the Apple conference that was set to change, yet how many of the new features will actually be available for the Australian consumer?

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kk13874356d ago

It's a shame that Australia won;t be able to take advantage of this device considering the influence it could have on the industry.

CatGlue4356d ago

yeah, this is a huge disruptive device. it will compete with Torrents. but if us aussies can't get the shows at the same time as they are out, apple won't win wars in aust... 99cents per show

TheDarkGuyv3r4356d ago

Don't think it will do well is Australia.

Jeannius4356d ago

Oh wow apple is going into TVs now?

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