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New Eir TV service expected to kick off price war with rival providers

Eir has launched its Irish TV service on Apple TV set top boxes.

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PrimeVinister1645d ago

Eir are going aggressive lately. Between expanding onto new platform and the pricing on their now mobile subsidiaries.

I suppose they had to.


Galaxy S25 to Integrate Advanced Google AI Features

Samsung's Galaxy S25 is set to elevate Google AI integration, extending to hardware depths.

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15h ago

James Webb Space Telescope finds 'extremely red' supermassive black hole growing

The supermassive black hole is 40 million times as massive as the sun and powers a quasar that existed 700 million years after the Big Bang.


NASA radar images show stadium-sized asteroid tumbling by Earth during flyby

The asteroid zoomed by Earth at a perfectly safe distance of around 1.8 million miles (2.9 kilometers).