Olympus LS-5 to fulfil all your voice recorder needs

Pocket-Lint: While most people just use the voice recording feature on their mobile phone, having a dedicated digital voice recorder is still a big business for Olympus. And so we have news of the company's launch of a follow up to its very good LS-10; the LS-5.

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The Verge - Olympus E-M1 Mark II review: the camera that warps time

We all experience moments in our lives where we wish we could stop or slow down time.

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Best Cameras for Travel in 2015

"Spring is just around the corner, in some parts even it’s in full swing, and it’s the time when most people start to plan out their summer. If you have already have your summer mapped out, then one thing you might not have considered is what camera to take. We have a few tips and suggestions as to which might be the best cameras for travel for 2015"

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ThanatosDMC3273d ago

Great article. Hopefully, author makes one for camcorders if they havent all ready.


Olympus Stylus SP-100 launched with ‘Eagle-Eye’ gun sight

Gadgetgyaan: Olympus has recently launched the Stylus SP-100 that comes with a bigger 50x zoom. Besides it, this camera has also a new component termed eagle-eye located under the flash and above the viewfinder. Well, this component creates projection on a semi-transparent mirror.

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