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Olympus VN-702PC The Best Digital Voice Recorder For Those On Low Budget

"If you are looking for a digital voice recorder that records high quality audio recording with the ability to block out all background noise and are on a limited budget then you want the Olympus VN-702PC . The Olympus VN-702PC is great for when you want to record class notes, personal memos, or interviews. It also comes with 2 GB (Gig-bites) worth of audio recording memory, which equals up to 823 hours of recording time. This recorder also features a USB connection that allows you to easily transfer and save your files on to you r computer. Now you can organize what you record by archive on your PC or Mac. Want to send a recorded message to a friend from your digital voice recorder? Now you can e-mail what ever you recorded on your olympus 702 to a friend thanks to its USB connection. This recorder also features a calender search function that allows you to search for your files by date and play them back at ease. This recorder plays back in two audio formats MP3 and WMA."

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