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Roseville job seeker warns of employment 'phishing' scam

Bryn Brown, 34, responded to the ad on craigslist that was placed late last week. On Tuesday, someone claiming to represent Spherion, a legitimate job placement agency, informed Brown that she was a finalist for the position. The email said a credit check was necessary before a face-to-face interview could be scheduled, and gave her a link to a credit monitoring service that requires a credit card.

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Craigslist finally joins the 21st century with an official mobile app

Craigslist might have been one of the last vestiges of the '90s web, but that all changes now as it finally has apps for Android and iOS.

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Craigslist pulls all "personal" sections from its website

The Senate has been pushing for stricter regulations on sex trafficking and the adult, consenting sex industry. Due to the Senate passing their H.R.1865 bill, or Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act (FOSTA), which is an anti-online sex trafficking bill, the online ad-posting site Craigslist had to shut down all of their personal sections.

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Nooo... now where will I go to laugh at creepy ads...


Facebook Marketplace – What you need to know

There's a new marketplace in town and its name is Facebook Marketplace. That's right, that Facebook.

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