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Instagram's richest and most hated teenager, lands in jail for selling a stolen iPhone on Craiglist

Param Sharma, a wealthy Indian based in San Francisco earned the tag of the most hated person on Instagram. His Instagram account @itslavishbitch, floats with pictures of him drowning in cash and designer possessions.

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Settler2513d ago

Now this is a type of millionaire...

diesoft2512d ago

Can't post his $30k bond? What are you, some kind of poor person?

I guess he is a pretty typical millionaire, he just got caught this time.

annoyedgamer2511d ago

No such thing as a typical millionare. That is stereotyping.

SilentNegotiator2511d ago (Edited 2511d ago )

Typical millionaire? Are you kidding? Pretty sure the average millionaire doesn't brag on instagram and sell stolen phones. What kind of dumb attempt at stereotyping is that?

Hell, what's a million dollars these days anyway? You can't even retire all that well on a million dollars anymore. And a goof like this isn't going to have a million for long spending that much money and breaking the law.

diesoft2511d ago

A typical millionaire is someone who may have money but is quite elitist (as he tends to demonstrate) and is rather on the shady side of human decency (he was selling a stolen iphone, I'm sure it isn't the first time he's done something like that). He may be fake. He may be real. Either way, it doesn't change the arrogant, stuck-up attitudes of the millionaires I've had the displease of actually meeting. "Dumb attempt at stereotyping", huh? That's dumb what you wrote.

But please, silentnegotiator and annoyedgamer, let's get bent out of shape that I said something about millionaires. They're so dear to you.

Silentnegotiator, I'm not sure why you assume he has ONLY a million dollars (IF he even has any money to begin with) so are you ranting against the state of the economy or just his supposed use of his money?

SilentNegotiator2510d ago

Creating an image of an entire group based on your own limited experience and spreading that image is EXACTLY how stereotypes work. People that acquire a million dollars are typically people that worked hard and studied hard.

And millionaires aren't "dear" to me, I just don't have a case of wealth envy and don't like stereotypes.

diesoft2510d ago

"Worked hard and studied hard" HAHA.

Yes, the "over-privileged, arrogant millionaire" is unique only to MY thoughts. Nobody would have that idea, huh.

Good luck in your future. You will gain a lot of boot-licking brownie points with your thought process (maybe you can be lucky and be a servant to this teenage a$$hole, but only if you work hard and study hard).

neoragex2506d ago

that is very typical of him, can't stand him on instagram.

Sahil2506d ago

his parents found out about his instagram pics and were pissed of with him. and they decided not to pay the bail amount.. so that he learns a lesson..

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