Linux VS. Windows: Which is Best?

Linux and Windows are not exactly fair competition. While Linux is on the prowl, the designation for 'king of the roost' still lies with Microsoft. The features you have come to expect from Microsoft remain even to this day.

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fatstarr4339d ago

Some one explained to me once that if you use a Linux distro that Linux was a black box because you couldn't mess with it only mess with the distro that was built on top of it.

romalias24339d ago

Well actually you can change the Kernel the environment and any little piece of the distro you want really. You even have the option of changing the kernels source code. or installing a Kernel from another Distro.

lonix4338d ago

linux is great for games!

its just that developers don't write games for linux!

fatstarr4338d ago

Yea research shows that Linux people have the cheapest os's available yet they donate more than windows users. I wish the pay what you want pricing was adopted for games world wide. world of goo for 1.33$ was the best purchase i ever made.

romalias24338d ago (Edited 4338d ago )

Precisely! couldn't have said it better myself... the NV OpenGL drivers for linux out perform windows any day. This can be proven by the emulator EpsxE and it's performance under Linux versus Windows.

Then again that may because Pete built the OGL plugin in Linux... Regardless, there just doesn't seem to be enough of a market to convince the publishers to pay extra to have it ported there, and not enough market for the Devs to create it to run on Linux to begin with... So we are stuck with freeware until a larger portion of the community makes the conversion.

There are other issues with development of games for Linux as well though, I suppose. Like the opensource platform requiring any game using the Open source libraries include the source code. A lot of developers don't want people knowing how their game runs, because that would allow people to crack it much easier.

ballsofsteel4338d ago

valve did say that steam is coming to linux so hopefully this will start a bigger trend and get more game companies to make games that run on linux