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Chromebooks Launching In 2019 Will Be ‘Linux Based’ Right Out Of The Box

All the google chromebooks launching this year 2019 will be based on Linux right out of the box, its actually a great news for chromebook owners.

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itswilliam1667d ago

looks like google is a big fan of linux

castdreams1666d ago

Chrome OS is already Linux based, as is Android. There seems to be a lot of confusion surrounding the subject, people tend to get "Linux" and "GNU Linux desktop operating system" confused. It would be more accurate to say that 2019 Chromebooks will support running Debian apps.

Of course, to make matters even more confusing, there's the whole CPU architecture angle to fret about. Idk what the statistics are but it seems a fair bet that many of these upcoming devices will have ARM CPUs, which means any binary you want to run on them will need to be compiled specifically for ARM. Unless the operating system has some kind of x86 emulation, which for slightly more complicated reasons will result in BAD performance.

Seems like the tech industry is trying to move towards an ARM based future, it'll be interesting to see how this all plays out.

mcstorm1666d ago

I'm with you on this. Microsoft have started looking at Windows on arm but also worked out a way to get x32 apps working on it.

I do see why they are moving down this road as continntunum, Dex and others are the start of mobile phones becoming pc replacements for admin work. Being able to run things like ms office, AutoCad LT and other apps is a big step forward over getting a pc to do this.

It will never stop the power house pcs being bought but people using mobiles are a phone and pc seems to be the way forward company's are tying to go and I see Google are starting to do this with android and chrome is as I think this will be the next step in bringing them together. Intresting times ahead in the mobile/pc world.


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