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Laptop Mag: Samsung Captivate Review

Laptop Mag: Attention Android fans: you can finally call AT&T home. Although the carrier's Google phone lineup has been somewhat lackluster thus far with the awkward Motorola Backflip and capable but tiny HTC Aria, the Samsung Captivate (part of the Galaxy S series) is a seriously powerful and beautiful device. It sports a dazzling 4-inch Super AMOLED screen and a zippy 1-GHz ARM processor.

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Samsung Captivate on AT&T gets Android 2.2, all that Froyo hasn't melted yet

Engadget: It took about two months for Samsung to roll out the much-needed GPS fix for the Captivate, and now, a mere seven months after Google pulled a handle on the machine and twirled up a big cone of Froyo, that phone is finally getting a spoonful.

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Samsung Captivate gets unofficial Froyo build, with Flash 10.1, mobile hotspot and more

Engadget: Now that your AT&T-locked Samsung Galaxy S can occasionally find satellites, you're probably hoping that the carrier kicks out some creamy Froyo as well, and it looks like that day isn't far away -- an unofficial but seemingly feature-complete Android 2.2 build is available for the Captivate right now.

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Samsung Captivate gets GPS fix, other Galaxy S versions wait patiently

Engadget: Sammy just hit us up with a brief statement that should make Captivate owners jump clean out of their seats and do a spit take if they're enjoying a cup of joe.

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