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Some iPhone 4 models dropping calls when held left-handed

Engadget writes, "What's more annoying than spending hours lining up for a shiny new gadget? Learning that your precious phone can't actually connect to the network. Well, depending on how you hold it -- word has it that the iPhone 4's bottom-left corner isn't playing nice with your skin. If you recall from the keynote, that's where the Bluetooth / WiFi / GPS antenna meets its GSM / UMTS counterpart. So we decided to test on two brand new iPhone 4 handsets purchased today in the UK."

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fatstarr4427d ago

Lol shoulda did a beta test apple.

Raptura4425d ago

Good thing I hold my phone with my right hand most of the time. I guess I'll be waiting for the iPhone 5 though....

4420d ago