iTunes 9.2 now available, Must have for iPhone users

iTunes 9.2 has hit out software update screen today, this is a biggie if you have an iPhone 4 preordered. In fact its a big deal if you have an iPhone or iPod touch as this is needed to be able to get iOS4 when it drops...

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Someone brought back the iconic iOS 4 as an iPhone app

If you’ve been an iPhone stan since the iPhone 3G and want a blast from the past, one developer is looking to recreate the experience of iOS 4 as an app for your new iPhone.

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Apple iTunes Isn’t Really Shutting Down, It’s Changing

Many Apple fans were sent into a mini-frenzy over the past few days as a result of news about iTunes being killed off. But it's not all doom and gloom as its been made out to be.

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meep3161734d ago

or you could say its being replaced


The Apple and Netflix break up means new subscribers can't pay with iTunes

One of the five people left on the planet without Netflix? If you planned on signing up through iTunes, we have some bad news.

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