Rumor: Apple Will Announce iTunes Downloads Termination in 2019

There are rumors about the future disappearance of Apple’s iTunes download service. This is done because of the meteoric growth of Apple Music and other streaming services like Spotify.

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Nodoze1636d ago

Wow. First the effort is to limit physical ownership of media (CD etc), now they are pushing for the end of downloads as well?? The only people being serviced with this offering are Apple shareholders. Apple execs love the thought of perpetual subscriptions and NEVER owning anything! SUCKERS.

mcstorm1636d ago

Yet the media and apple will make out its the best news ever and the way everyone will move. For me the best music service was zune/groove as you could add as many albums to your collection as you wanted and also download all your music collection and store it on your sd card but as with me St services that are better then the others it did not take off and got dropped.

Deadpoolio1636d ago

Welcome to reality. When people continue only stealing or streaming music from services, companies with a brain are obviously going to stop wasting money on printing discs and booklets.....IF people were that concerned with physical media, then they should have continued purchasing actual physical media instead of stealing it....Production of CDs isn't free, and its pretty obvious the majority are perfectly fine with streaming services or it wouldn't be happening. As much as the minority wants to pretend they are the majority...

subtenko1635d ago

lol you are out of reality, the smart people arent concerned by any of this stuff...

Newmanator1636d ago

Doubt it, even with streaming it's a significant revenue stream (no pun intended)