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Tesco to launch Digital Locker, plans to use loyalty card to challenge iTunes

Tech radar: Tesco is planning to launch a Digital Locker online file service which could transform the home entertainment landscape in the UK, and challenge the supremacy of iTunes in the UK. The move would mirror Disney’s planned Keychest initiative in the US, enabling consumers to access content they’ve purchased (be it music, movies or TV shows) on any device at any time.

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vhero5001d ago

Cool idea I would be up for it and Agree buy a title not a format


Apple iTunes Isn’t Really Shutting Down, It’s Changing

Many Apple fans were sent into a mini-frenzy over the past few days as a result of news about iTunes being killed off. But it's not all doom and gloom as its been made out to be.

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meep3161724d ago

or you could say its being replaced


The Apple and Netflix break up means new subscribers can't pay with iTunes

One of the five people left on the planet without Netflix? If you planned on signing up through iTunes, we have some bad news.

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Apple (and everyone else) can delete your digital purchases at any time

When you visit the iTunes movie store and buy something, you might think it’s yours to keep forever. Unfortunately, it’s not and here’s the reason why.

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damondoherty1989d ago

That is why I keep everything I own on my NAS!

Hitman07691988d ago

Smart. And FYI I don't agree with this detail of our terms and conditions but I've been aware of it the entire time. I'm not sure how some people don't realize stuff like this is possible. Sure, they try so hard to deceive us, but you should be more cynical seeing as how the world itself is around you. *shrugz*