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8 Gadgets That Will Be Huge in 2010

Cio: After everything we've seen, these are the tech products we believe will rack up big sales by next Christmas.

fatstarr5010d ago

I don't think natal will be big on 2010, the sezmi thing looks interesting, but this list is basically hit then a miss.


World's First Smartphone-Powered Satellite Launched Into Space

Maximum PC: "At a time when the who’s who of the mobile world are busy strutting their stuff at the Mobile World Congress, Surrey Space Centre (University of Surrey) and Surrey Satellite Technology (SSTL) Ltd are celebrating a mobile launch of their own. Except that theirs was unlike any other cellphone launch in history — a launch in the most literal sense."

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Android Phones Will Power NASA's New Fleet of Mini-Satellites

PCW: Hoping to inject new life into low-cost space exploration, NASA's 'PhoneSat' program will launch a series of Google Nexus One–controlled mini-satellites into space later this year.


No Ice Cream Sandwich for Nexus One owners

Google has confirmed that Ice Cream Sandwich will not be made available to HTC Nexus One users, while Samsung Nexus S users will receive their update within a few weeks.

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IllusionRSN4508d ago

Ugh, that sucks.. Glad I own an iPhone!! lol

fatstarr4507d ago

Have fun buying all the upcoming models

-Mezzo-4507d ago

Seriously, man this Fanboy stuff is everywhere in everything.

Sierra1174508d ago

Ah, that sucks. But it's a valid reason and they just want the user experience to be the best for everyone. Also goes to show that the OS is quite powerful.

-Mezzo-4507d ago

Agreed, but some fanboy will & are spinning it around into a major failure.

Speed-Racer4508d ago

What a shame, but the reason is valid imo.

fatstarr4507d ago

yes its too slow to run it with bloatware on the phones but I don't believe it they just don't wanna port it over.

starcb264507d ago

I don't think the nexus one has bloatware, because you had to buy it unlocked. I'm not sure though.

fatstarr4506d ago

If i saw some low ends running 2.3 I wont believe that a one time flagship phone cant run 4.0

-Mezzo-4507d ago

Agreed, reason does indeed looks valid, i guess Nexus 1 users have no choice but to upgrade to a Smartphone that supports it.

Serg4508d ago

The reason is storage space, plain and simple. ICS is approximatly twice the size of GB, and considering GB took 2/3 of N1s storage space it's simply not possible to make an official update. To update you would need an SD card, and not every N1 owner has one. Plus, if the SD card dies the whole phone is bricked, which is an even uglier stain on googles reputation than having no update at all.

I am certain the CyanogenMod devs will have ICS running on it by January.

Speed-Racer4508d ago

What are your opinions on hardware performance? DO you think ICS would run decently on N1 hardware?

Serg4508d ago

I see no reason why it shouldn't. It has a 1GHz processor and 512MB of ram after all, GPU aside, same specs as the Nexus S. The problem is the 512MB storage (~190 of which are available to the user after squeezing GB on it).

I do not know what the current situation is (Pretty much sold my soul to Samsung after getting my hands on a Galaxy S :P), but back when the N1 was released, HTC had a habit of putting miserably small internal storage into their phones. The sole reason App2SD exists.

I am currently running android 2.3.7 in the form of MIUI custom rom and absolutely love it. It's a bit iPhone-ish but easily solved by installing a custom launcher and a different system theme (GO Launcher is amazing). The customization alone is worth a try. When the Sensation came out countless requests for a lockscreen port surfaced. I installed a theme using the built in theme manager and I had the exact same lockscreen :P.

Also, I am certain I will have ICS running before anyone at Samsung even considers a Galaxy S update.

jidery4508d ago

Wonder if XDA is able to do it though. Maybe they can reduce the bloat.

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