Pachter predicts PSP 2 E3 reveal

Mcvuk: It was on, then it was off again – now industry analyst Michael Pachter has come out and stated that he believes Sony WILL reveal a proper successor to the PSP at next week’s trade show.

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-Mezzo-4449d ago

I am 100% sure, Sony will announce the PSP2, wouldn't it be coll if they released 2 version one Wifi & One 3G just like the IPAD.

fatstarr4449d ago

They are, they cant let Nintendo have the limelight, Sony already announced mad games to make room for something so lol Sony you better not copy anything from the 3ds.

if they don't announce a system their e3 will be boring, we know too much about the move already.

-Mezzo-4449d ago (Edited 4449d ago )

I completely agree with you, I hope it's something completely original (Which Is Next To Impossible).

I am waiting for the Move myself, i can see myself having alot of fun playing it with my Family especially with my younger sisters, but i really don't want them to talk about Move for the 40% of the Conference.

krookbydabook4449d ago

now just put two analog sticks on the bitch an i'll buy that muthafucka!!!!

pinkyxyz4448d ago

Why you ask? Because pacter says it will

-Mezzo-4448d ago

If only i had a nickel for every time this guy turned out to be wrong.