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PSP2 announced on Jan 27th in Tokyo

MCVUK: Sony is on the verge of finally announcing new handheld, MCV sources have confirmed.

The industry will finally find out what form the PSP2 will take at a press event in Tokyo on January 27th, trade sources have confirmed to MCV.


Sony PSP Halting Japan Shipments, Offering Vita Trade-In

Twinfinite writes, "Well it's the end of an era for one of Sony's more controversial pieces of hardware."

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andrewer3552d ago

I play my PSP more than my PS Vita xD

kingPoS3552d ago

Ten year cycle sounds about right.

SilentNegotiator3552d ago (Edited 3552d ago )

I still have the clunky 1000. Maybe I should upgrade before there aren't any new ones left.

miyamoto3552d ago

When Sony says 10 years they are not messing around!

I still play my PSP to this very day. Also PSP is the best way to listen to Nirvana.

Soldierone3552d ago

I have a Vita, and still regret trading my PSP in years ago (before Vita came out) That thing was awesome. So far Vita doesn't really have any amazing games, there are good ones, just nothing that goes "wow that was awesome!"

I want some simple games like MGS Acid or Jean D Arc again.

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Music Unlimited confirmed for PSP2

Music Unlimited, Sony's cloud based music subscription service currently available on the PlayStation 3, will be available on the PlayStation Portable 2, codenamed the Next Generation Portable.

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Sony PSP2 (NGP) Gameplay Revealed

Sony has just released a new video where they have put together clips from some of the announced titles, including “Resistance“, “LittleBigPlanet“, “Killzone” and “Uncharted“.

_Q_4768d ago

This same article in on N4G already. Still stoked for this badboy they need to release pricing plans and a timeframe.

-Mezzo-4768d ago

So excited about this, will Pre-order one as soon as Amazon starts taking Pre-Orders, It would be great it it costs $350 or under, at that price i'll be able to buy 2, 1 for my personal use & the other for my small Sisters.

It's crazy how powerful this thing is, i remember reading an Article saying it's 8 times more powerful than (Samsung Galaxy S).

michass84768d ago

Very powerful piece of joy :D Can wait :D

STiRacer4768d ago (Edited 4768d ago )

Hopefully it will retail no more than $399. I don't realistically see it selling cheaper than that.

Mr_Anderson4768d ago

$399 would be my guess also.

_Q_4768d ago

Im gonna be pissed if its that much. Especially as a launch PS3 owner,I'd feel slighted if they make the handheld(a lesser gaming device) the same price as the PS3. I understand there is alot of tech but a bit of it has been around for a while and shouldnt cost much to make by now. The NGP is gonna be profitable(fast from what I been reading) so im hoping for 250. You have to think this thing has 3G meaning a payment for services to a telco thats bound to offer a subsidized version in store. Cost of entry has to be an easy pill to swallow so people dont cry about paying for services on another device.

-Mezzo-4767d ago

Even though i will get 1, even if it;s $399, i will agree with _Q_, that not Price that will help the Product sell.

$250, is out of the question, there is not way that Sony will price it that low, My guess would be anywhere between $350 / $300

michass84768d ago

I will have to pay bit more than that, in pounds everything is more expensive, comparing with U.S. dollars :(

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