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Where is the Apple TV heading?

Mac World: Sales of the Apple TV “hobby” product may have jumped three times last year over the previous year, but Apple has a new crop of competition to contend with if it hopes to ever graduate the Apple TV to the big leagues. Let’s take a look back at where the Apple TV has been, and where it needs to go.

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The new Apple TV 4K comes with an A15 bionic chip and HDR10+

Preorders are available now, with shipping starting on November 4.

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Apple TV+ market share is growing significantly in the US

Apple has put a lot of money on Apple TV+, its streaming platform that features original TV shows and original movies. While Apple TV+ market share increased

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Everything You Need To Know About WWDC20

As CEO Tim Cook takes the stage on June 22, there’s a lot to expect for fans, developers and journalists. Here’s an in-depth guide to WWDC20, from rumours to events.

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