LaCie plays media server, NAS cards with Network Space MAX

No monkeys here, but LaCie's latest is still worth toying around with -- particularly if you've been yearning for a way to better serve media around your home and / or backup those all-important Match.com email confirmations. The Network Space MAX (which can also be used as a USB 2.0 drive when away from the CAT5) is predictably designed by Neil Poulton, and while it'll likely attract an unhealthy amount of dust and fingerprints, the internals are what really matters. LaCie's shipping these with at least 2TB of space, but with two 3.5-inch SATA HDD slots, you can easily go the 4TB route.

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LaCie's Thunderbolt drives are built for your MacBook Pro

They promise a ton of external storage while keeping your setup clean.

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LaCie's blazing-fast Chrome portable drive is a statuesque monument to excess

Luxury, thy name is LaCie Chrome—and you’re easily one of the fastest portable hard drives in the world.

Stringerbell3031d ago

Huge fan of LaCie's external HDD's... I've ben that unlucky soul who has lost neat a tb of data but (knocks on wood) ever since I started backing data up on a LaCie, I've never had a problem.


Never had heard about this external hard drive but looks interesting.

WizzroSupreme3029d ago

I have no doubts to the contrary. LaCie's backup data is a thing of beauty.


CES 2015: Seagate Gets Stylish with Portable Storage Drive Solutions [Video]

Maximum PC: Peanut butter and jelly go together, and the same goes for Coke and Rum. Heck, we can think of any number of combinations that make sense, but storage and sex appeal? That's a first for us, and when we heard Seagate was combining the two, Maximum PC Online Managing Editor and self-proclaimed fashion expert Jimmy Thang made an all-out sprint for Seagate's section at the Consumer Electronics Show. What he saw was, well, himself! And you could see yourself, too, if you look at the LaCie Mirror, an external hard drive with a mirror finish.

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