LaCie's latest artist collab is a hard drive wrapped in Gorilla Glass

For the past two years now, LaCie has revealed at least one new artist collaboration at CES, and this year is no different. Keeping with the reflective theme of last January's device, the 2015 edition is wrapped in Gorilla Glass and appropriately called Mirror. After teaming up with Philippe Starck and Christofle for previous releases, the company tasked French designer Pauline Deltour for the shiny 1TB hard drive that's covered in Corning's durable glass material and powered by its USB connection (no Thunderbolt here). To properly show the thing off on your desk, a stand of ebony wood provides a resting spot. If you're looking to keep the collection going, or just nab this particular entry, Mirror will arrive later this month for $280. What's that? You were hoping LaCie would have a new Rugged portable hard drive, too? Well, read on.

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