FBI hacked the Dark Web to bust 1,500 pedophiles

The Federal Bureau of Investigation infiltrated and shut down what it called "the largest remaining known child pornography hidden service in the world" this summer, using a hacking method to track IP addresses on the Dark Web, Vice Motherboard reported. The Dark Web bulletin board site, named "Playpen," launched in August 2014 and within one year had garnered 215,000 accounts with 11,000 unique visitors each week.

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gizmig1754d ago

Good Job FBI. We need an agency that work on these things constantly.

RetrospectRealm1753d ago

WOW! That's a massive find. And kudos for only taking those who try to sign up/log in. God knows if they would've caught someone who accidentally landed on that web page.

Stringerbell1752d ago

Indeed. Funny how on these sites even commending the breaking up of a pedo ring will get you a disagreement.

RetrospectRealm1752d ago

I guess one of the pedos got out on bail.

WizzroSupreme1753d ago

There's nowhere to hide in the digital age, folks. Nowhere.