Virtual Reality Is Ready To Launch – Or Is It?

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At the 2014 Game Developers Conference, I endured a two-hour wait to play CCP Games’ Eve: Valkyrie on the Oculus Rift for the first time. The experience was unlike anything I’d ever undergone before. I could look above me and, in plain sight, see the soul-sucking emptiness of space. I could look behind, and see that I was pray for an enemy fighter. And I could look below to witness massive starships battle like savage beasts. Never before had I felt so immersed in a game — or any other media.

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WizzroSupreme1999d ago

It will be eventually. Making mistakes can sometimes be what leads to greatness, though. That's just the birth pains of progress.

sonicwrecks1999d ago

Unless the graphics are on par with a flat screen and umpteen-p sounds like this writer isn't going be happy whatever is put out.

thorstein1998d ago

"Not worth the headache...after reaching out to Eve: Valkyrie‘s lead designer himself, Andrew Willans, it’s my contention that Oculus Rift is to blame."

I've heard this so many times about Rift. I heard it a year ago. I hear it now. I am not crapping on VR, but I want a product that works as advertised.

freshslicepizza1998d ago

it will take time, that's really all there is to it. i for one don't want to be an early adopter this time. i went through the growing pains of motions controls with the wii, never saw the potential realized with kinect and the playstation move never got decent support. 3d gaming also looked like such a gimmick.

we are finally heading in the right direction and the technology is almost there...almost.