Congressman: To stop ISIS, let’s shut down websites and social media

US Rep. Joe Barton (R-Texas) has a plan to stop terrorists: shut down websites, including social media networks.

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micx1157d ago

"ISIS and the terrorist networks can't beat us militarily, but they are really trying to use the Internet and all of the social media to try to intimidate and beat us psychologically"

Not just that, they also use it as means of recruiting and reaching wider audiences for their "preaching".

Aldous_Snow1157d ago

Shut down websites? They'll just make more..

Revvin1156d ago

Or we could just stop selling arms to those who are our friends today and enemies tomorrow, I know that might get in the way of some of these congressmen's profit margins but it might work better than shutting down dem pesky internets

slate911156d ago

Absolutely 0 hope for that.

NewMonday1156d ago

they will just buy from Russia, they will buy more for less, Russians already starting to get contracts

FlameBaitGod1156d ago

They start wars to make money on guns lol, that's never gonna happen.

thorstein1156d ago

ISIS's top donors are from Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, UAE.. and those pilots that slammed planes into the Pentagon and World Trade Center? Saudis.

Methinks if we were to continue our involvement it will involve allying with the Russians.

NewMonday1156d ago (Edited 1156d ago )

money and solders also from France, UK, Russia, USA

dcbronco1156d ago

Sometimes a member of Congress opens their mouth and you wonder how is someone else stupid enough to vote for them. If Americans would learn about more than pop culture most of our problems would be solved. Then we could get some politicians that are actually qualified for their jobs.

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The story is too old to be commented.