Edward Snowden says using an ad-blocker is 'not just a right but a duty'

In a new interview with The Intercept, Edward Snowden offers some wide-ranging advice on what the average citizen can do to protect their privacy. Among those tidbits offered by the famous leaker: flip on an ad-blocker when you're browsing the web.

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sonicwrecks1664d ago

I can't think that'll go down too well with the website owners who rely on advertising revenue to survive!

Yi-Long1663d ago

Website owners should only allow non-intrusive ads, so people don't feel they NEED an adblocker to browse the internet.

So many sites who ruin their own appeal by having big pop-ups and new pages appear to annoy their visitors, who quickly leave and abandon the site completely.

KingPin1664d ago

i wouldnt mind ads if they werent so annoying.
but the endless pop-ups and the tracking of some of them is just insane to a point of being unbearable.

adblock simply removes that annoyance.

ravinash1664d ago

...and that's assuming this it doesn't crash your browser.

DragoonsScaleLegends1664d ago

I disable it on websites that I purchase things from because it can cause glitches on those type of websites. But other than that it pretty much stays enabled for all other websites including this one.

Stringerbell1664d ago (Edited 1664d ago )

Snowden has become the patron saint of the interwebs.

ChrisW1663d ago

No, he is the Patron Saint of Article III, Section 3 of the U.S. Constitution.

Stringerbell1663d ago

Well the thing about the US constitution is that its jurisdiction kind of lies within the boundaries of the US. While the NSA believes they have the right to monitor phone and internet activity of non US citizens the world over. I'm glad he left them red faced and exposed their nonsense.

longingcalm1664d ago

ad-blockers are a serious threat to advertisement business. Companies will have to think of inventing new ways to advertise on Mobiles and PCs, as Ad-blocking is picking up rapidly among Mobile users.

donwel1664d ago

I remember some ad company saying not too long ago that "maybe we were too aggressive with ads" and apologising to the public.
Thing is I don't mind ads, as long as they're relevant and not intrusive, the ones that fly up and obscure the entire webpage and you have to wait for them to bugger off (looking at you dualshockers) really rustle my jimmies though.

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The story is too old to be commented.