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The new Apple TV is running a new operating system called tvOS


Apple's Eddie Cue just introduced the new Apple TV, and he's saying that the future of TV is apps. To run all these apps, Apple has developed a new operating system for the Apple TV called, appropriately, tvOS. It shouldn't be a wildly different development experience than what's already out there for the Mac and iOS -- there's shared technology and tools like Xcode and Metal, and a bunch of the first round of apps and games are near-identical to what's out there for iOS already. Developers can even build universal apps that let you buy one app that works across your iPad, iPhone, and Apple TV. The first round of apps includes expected video options like Netflix, HBO Now, and Hulu, but there are also a bunch of iOS-style apps like Airbnb and Zillow and games like Crossy Road and a game from the Rayman series.

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