Blu, the Smartphone you can wear as a Bracelet

A smartphone designed to be flexible, instead of just bending by accident if you sit on it too long. The Blu smartphone, currently seeking funding through Indiegogo, could be a revolutionary step in the right direction for flexibility in smart devices.

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ZoyosJD3273d ago

This group started several Kickstarters only to have them closed down and while I like the concept, their prototypes fail to show how they intend to ensure the entire device will retain flexibility with a CPU die in it.


This wearable promises to put you to sleep and stay asleep

These are the kinds of things that scientist should be focused on.

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The Future of Wearable Tech – Science-Fiction Becomes Reality

From enhanced trackers and smartwatches to the seemingly impossible chips in brains and more.

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Tech news: Fitness tech firm unveils flagship multi-sport watch Polar Vantage V2

World-leading wearable tech firm teams up with F1 driver Valtteri Bottas on new smartwatch Polar Vantage V2

markkavanagh1323d ago

The recovery aspect is interesting. you don't hear about it much when it comes to fitness tech