Fitbit Versa Lite Review – Same Fitness Functionality, Better Price | Fortress of Solitude

Fitbit has taken out the non-essentials from the Versa to create a more streamlined and affordable smartwatch in the Versa Lite.

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MattDavisGR437d ago

A cool watch to own. I have a moto 360 sec edition by my battery life is just one day :( So the 4 day battery life is very important because many times i left my home with the watch dead (0 battery) jost for the looks, i know is phatetic but hey i;m sure i'm not the only one. p.s. i would prefer if the model had a round design to, classical.

ph03n1xza436d ago

There are a few other smartwatches on the market that have less than 4-day battery life - won't mention names. :) But yeah, the rounded smartwatches are a lot better looking in my opinion as well. I guess if your battery life doesn't last more than a day, you're not using it for any fitness tracking?