Coming to Firefox: Ads based on your browsing history

Mozilla is on a mission to show that online advertising can be done without violating a user’s privacy—or at least not violating it too much. Next week, the beta channel of Firefox will start testing new advertising tiles based on a user’s browsing history.

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Yehshuah2346d ago

mozilla, please stop it with the ads already.This is why I gave up on firefox

Yehshuah2346d ago

didn't work. still kept appearing. with opera, adblock worked

ChrisW2346d ago


Should work by manually blocking the ads window on whatever page you're visiting.

The only reason why I say "should" is because I haven't run into any of these 'new' ads. But I have had to do it on some pages where ads are ingrained into the page and are not automatically blocked.

Dasteru2346d ago

Click the Adblock icon, go into "filter preferences" and uncheck "allow some non-intrusive advertising"

Software_Lover2346d ago

I hate ads. Especially when I have to watch a 30sec ad for a 20 sec clip (ESPN).

subtenko2346d ago

You have the right to block ads! Especially if its from those big companys putting a 30sec ad on a 20 sec clip aint good. Block it! Find the same clip from the smaller people

kingPoS2346d ago

I'll just not bother to update it then.

KingPin2346d ago

well now that we have some pretty decent replacements, i dont mind dropping Firefox as quick as i was dropped IE.

SilentNegotiator2346d ago

Yeah...that's definitely not a welcomed change.

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