Inside Mozilla: Firefox Fights Back

Inside Mozilla, CEO Chris Beard and his team are preparing to outmaneuver Google’s Chrome browser. The battle begins in November, with their release of Firefox 57.

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Cobra9511067d ago

Sounds horrible, No comprehensive ad block, and it looks like many extensions will be gone. If NoScript goes, I will never update FF to 57 or beyond. Chrome is better than what Mozilla plans here, as far as I can tell. Bells and whistles can't make up for nuked core functionality that I depend on every day.

Speed-Racer1067d ago

Then it's the fault of the 3rd party developers for not keeping up with the new platform, not Firefox. The latest version of Firefox is already significantly faster now that they've started splitting out processes into more buckets. Hopefully they provide a framework so that everyone who actively maintains their plugins can build an updated version in time for the launch.

KingPin1066d ago

well firefox needs to do something. Im glad they finally listening to people.
i dropped it for chrome a while ago and at this point i feel even the latest opera works better than firefox 54.