Consumer Reports Ranks Galaxy S5 Higher Than Galaxy S6

Techfrag - According to Consumer Reports, Samsung Galaxy S5 is better rated among fans compared to the latest flagship Galaxy S6. It isn’t often that we see a previous model of smartphone being rated higher than its successor.So why exactly are fans preferring Galaxy S5 over Galaxy S6?

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Samsung Galaxy S6 could get the Android Oreo upgrade after all

A few weeks back, we reported that Samsung is not going to release the Android Oreo upgrade for the Samsung Galaxy S6. The Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge seemed to be the oldest models to get the new software.

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KingPin2367d ago

i think manufacturers should support flagships much longer than they do currently.

however, if they dont, the upside to having a flagship phone and community development.
if the manufacturer doesnt want to update the android, a custom rom will do it just fine.


Samsung Galaxy S5 review: A great smartphone if you can still find it - Expert Reviews

Powerful, with a fantastic camera and incredible battery life, the Samsung Galaxy S5 is a superb all-round smartphone

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Samsung’s Galaxy S7 series is selling a lot better than the Galaxy S6 did

It’s become increasing common to hear of Samsung’s mobile business struggling, but here’s some positive news — early signs around its newest devices suggest that the company might be returning to times of success.

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