Samsung Galaxy S7 vs Galaxy S6 - is it worth upgrading?

All of the flagship phones get a yearly update. While each upgrade can cause people with previous years' models to get serious phone envy, it's not always worth upgrading. Not every generation of handset introduces new features that you absolutely have to have, so making the upgrade doesn't always make a lot of financial sense. This year, Samsung is really giving people a difficult decision to make with its brand-new Galaxy S7. From the outside, it looks nigh-on identical to last year's S6, but inside its a completely different beast. Samsung has listened to its customers and has decided to address the issues that people had with the Galaxy S6. That means that this year, you get a bigger battery. OK, it's not the removable battery of the S5, but this upgrade, at least, reduces the need to charge so often. More importantly, you can upgrade the phone's storage with a cheap microSD card, which you couldn't do on the S6.

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