Dropbox Acquires and Shuts down Voiceover Startup Umano

TechFrag - You might have heard of Umano, a startup that provided voice actors for reading out articles to be used on apps and websites and so on. The news at hand is that Dropbox has acquired and immediately shut down their company with an apparent move towards introducing new services of their own.

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Dropbox finally releaseed its native Apple Silicon beta

For months, Dropbox users were waiting, and finally, they can download a beta of the desktop app that operates natively on Apple’s Arm-based processors. Users

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Dropbox releases an invite-only password management app

However, there's a catch: the app is invite-only for now. While the general public can download and install it onto their devices, no one can use it without being granted access (presumably a beta key of some kind).

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Dropbox now only allows three devices per account if you're on the free plan

The good news is that folks who had more than three devices attached to their account before March 2019 will be spared from the three-device limit.

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