SolaRoad cycle path electricity yield exceeds expectations

What a concept for a pilot project. Can't we change our roads into gigantic solar panels? Harvest energy from them? Get solar electricity from them, fed into the electricity grid and used for street lighting, traffic systems, households and electric cars?


Elon Musk wants you to rent his solar roof panels for only $50 a month

It wouldn't be a new week without Tesla CEO Elon Musk taking to Twitter to launch something or the other. Today, it's solar panels.

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Donald Trump talks up solar panel plan for Mexico wall

Attaching solar panels to a wall along the Mexican border will cut costs, the US president tells a rally.

KingPin2524d ago

free electricity for mexico :P


Turn Your Window Blinds Into Solar Panels With SolarGaps

Solar energy is a really big deal and is only becoming more commonplace and affordable as time goes by. What was once prohibitively expensive to set up is now available to a much wider range of consumers. With Elon Musk touting the benefits of solar roof tiles that are aesthetic and blend in perfectly with the design of your house, it was only a matter of time before another company came up with a clever way to disguise energy generators in a convenient and effective manner. Enter SolarGaps, a new product on kickstarter that aims to turn your window blinds into a source of solar power.

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neoragex2558d ago

Just pledged $50, this is pretty cool.